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The Deposit Cheque is received as a way of guaranteeing safe return of laden container which has been dedicated to various cargo owners. The Manifest for LCL shipments are separated before arrival of the vessel and the containers will not be unsealed and opened until the first consignee tenders his Delivery Order with the customs of destination and will not be returned as empty back to CY until the last consignee claims his cargo. So there is good chance that the container will remain full for more than the free 10-day window and extra demurrage would be applied to it.     

Maximum 35 Days after the date of “Ship on Board” mentioned in the Bill of Lading.

It is due to transshipment legs in a third country. When an LCL shipment arrives to the transshipment port, the consignment must be devanned and taken to our warehouse for loading into new container. This may take between a few days and at times upto a week which in turn will increase the shipping time.

From the time the cargo is delivered to us at port of entry until Maroos arranges redelivery to Customs of Tehran it normally takes between three to five days.

Certificate of Origin, Order Registration, Insurance, Proforma Invoice, Packing List, Original Bill of Lading and Original Custom Clearance.

Yes, we have our own offices and agencies in many European and CIS countries. For further information please check our Network section.

Yes, we have the ability to arrange Ex-Work Cargoes and also multimodal transportation worldwide and to/from Iran. For this we will need following information:

  • Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Exact location for pick-up

At least 10 working days before pickup.

  • Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Exact location for pick-up

Maroos provides THREE types of services for Less Than Container Load (LCL) Sea freight shipments. While you are quoting or booking your shipment you may select any of them, which is most convenient for you and suitable to your budget:

  • SHIPMENTS SELF-DELIVERED TO CARRIER’S CFS (i.e. carrier’s receiving terminal. Container Freight Station. CFS.). This is the most economical way to ship boxed or crated cargo overseas.

Shipping charges for shipments Self-delivered directly to a CFS based on its size only (total chargeable volume per cubic meter). WEIGHT IS NOT A PRICING FACTOR FOR SUCH SHIPMENTS unless its density exceeds 1654 lbs (or 750 Kilograms) per Cubic Meter. You will be asked to provide the estimate weight of your cargo for statistical purpose only.

  • SHIPMENTS SELF-DELIVERED TO A LOCAL WAREHOUSE and subject to trucking (line haul) to a carrier’s receiving terminal (CFS).

Line Haul charges based on chargeable weight of your cargo. However, the Line Haul charges are lower than the Pick-up Charges. If a CFS is located far away from you, then that service may be most appropriate in your particular situation. Ocean freight charges will be calculated based on the total chargeable volume.

  • SHIPMENTS PICKED UP by Maroos directly at exporter’s location. Quotes are derived by entering ZIP code of pickup location and confirmed by our pricing offer.

    IMPORTANT: Commercial pickups considered ONLY from warehouses, which provide loading docks and forklifts.

1.      PICKUP. Residential pickup is curbside-service. The driver will load freight from driveway, front porch, garage or acceptable loading area. No inside service is permitted due to liability. Some additional charges may apply if your pickup conditions or location are out of normal range. The charges will be calculated and forwarded to you in the final invoice. The following charges may occur but are not limited to: attempted pickup, debris removal, inside pickup, waiting time etc.

2.      ACTUAL AND CHARGEABLE WEIGHT AND VOLUME (WM). Since it is almost impossible to predict precise weight/measurements of shipment, the final certified weight and dimensions at CFS most likely will differ from those which you provided on your booking request form.

3.      PALLETIZING. Some extra-volume charges due to palletizing may occur.

4.      DESTINATION CHARGES – All Sea freight Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments are subject to destination charges and/or other fees. The charges are to be paid by the Recipient/Consignee at the destination. These industry standard charges generally include, but are not limited to:

  • Container stripping/de-stuffing
  • Customs documentation
  • Destination terminal handling
  • Warehouse labor
  • Trucking from port to terminal

Other charges that could appear “IN ADDITION” to above charges are:

  • Duty / Taxes / VAT (Value Added Tax)
  • Customs Clearance Service (if you contract the destination agent to provide such services)
  • Delivery Service (if you contract the destination agent to provide such services)

REMINDER – Our Service is up to the Destination Terminal.  The recipient is to arrange three items:

  • Destination Customs Clearance
  • Payment of the Destination Terminal Fees
  • Delivery to ultimate destination.


6.      Maroos Sea Freight Service does not provide door delivery service at the destination. Cargo has to be recovered and picked up at the destination ship terminal by the consignee.

However, most of destination terminals offer cartage service that will deliver the cargo to the consignee (recipient).

In most cases, the consignee may recover their cargo remotely (i.e. provide all necessary information by phone, fax or e-mail); pay the destination charges using a variety of payment’s options; and arrange door delivery service directly with their destination agent or use any other local cartage company of their choosing.

7.      We make every effort to provide the most accurate quotation for your LCL shipment; however, we cannot predict all situations for your freight. Some other charges may apply to out of range shipments.

All your queries can be submitted through the “Contact Us” option available in our web. Else you can directly address your queries to maroos@maroos.net.

The option “Contact Us” available in our web will not show the contact details of our staff. However once you submit you enquiry through “Contact Us”, we will make sure that the right person get back to you accordingly. Alternatively, you can directly input the location on the search box on the home page.

The detailed information and history about our company is made available in our web under the option “About Us”.

The tracking system built in our web can provide instant shipment status.

The cargo interests will get notification by SMS.

It is our objective to ensure the vessel reliability as per our schedule. However, the ETA is subject to changes led by unexpected operational constraint or adverse weather condition, etc. We recommend you to regularly check the status in our web.

Contact Us

Maroos Building, No.59, Sattari Blvd.,
Africa Exp. Way, Tehran 19688, Iran

Tel: + 98 (0) 21 88798800 (10 lines)
Fax: + 98 (0) 21 88798483
Email: maroos@maroos.net

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